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Weekend Reading 4-20-14

Weekend Reading 4-20-14 thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my attention this weekend. Topics include: Evaluating your investment strategy, investing in low interest rates, hedge fund performance and asset allocation for young investors. [click to continue…]


How Do You Outperform the Average Investor? Do Nothing thumbnail

New research on the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s blog takes a look at the cost of investors’ attempts to try and time the market and chase market returns. The result? The average investor underperformed the market by 2%! [click to continue…]


4-14-14: This Week’s Earnings, Indicators and other Releases thumbnail

A busy schedule this week. We hear from some of the biggest companies in the world this week and several important economic indicators as well. Here’s whats on tap for this week: [click to continue…]


Weekend Reading 4-13-14

Weekend Reading 4-13-14 thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past week: Topics include: How to pay too much for stocks, The world of Mad Men’s Don Draper, why I cheer for lower stock prices and more. [click to continue…]


Evaluating Stocks with a Competitive Advantage – Warren Buffett’s Concept of an “Equity/Bond” thumbnail

When a company’s earnings are so solid and so predictable, investors are able to think of their stock like a variable fixed income security, like a bond with flexible rates. Here is how investors like Buffett evaluate these special companies. [click to continue…]


Weekend Reading: 4-6-14

Weekend Reading: 4-6-14 thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past week. Topics include Maseratis, IRAs, and a solution to America’s savings problem. [click to continue…]


10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Stock thumbnail

How do you determine whether a stock is a worthy long term investment? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make that next purchase. [click to continue…]


Another Day, Another Study Against Active Management in Your Portfolio thumbnail

There is new data released from S&P Dow Jones on active vs. passive fund management performance and the results are clear: What exactly are you paying for again? [click to continue…]

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Fund Spotlight Series: Charles Schwab’s Ultra Low Expense Ratio ETFs thumbnail

The price war between ETF providers continues, and the winners are individual investors. Charles Schwab has once again reduced the expense ratios on several of its already low cost ETFs. Here we look at several of Charles Schwab’s “core” ETF offerings and see if they are worthy to replace your current ETF investments. [click to continue…]


Weekend Reading 3/16/14

Weekend Reading 3/16/14 thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my eye this past weekend. Topics include: Finding out just how much procrastinating your next IRA contribution is going to cost you, How much actively trading options is going to cost you, How much your regret of being in cash since 2009 is going to cost you…and more [click to continue…]


9 Signs of a Competitive Advantage (#9 is One of Buffett’s Favorites to Look For!) thumbnail

Finding a company with a competitive advantage means finding an investment that will offer solid returns for decades to come. What identifies a company with a strong competitive advantage? Some results may surprise you. [click to continue…]


Weekend Reading 3/3/2014

Weekend Reading 3/3/2014 thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past weekend. Topics include: The value of Diversification, Investing in a bull market and of course, Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letter. [click to continue…]


Indicator of the Week: Producer Price Index thumbnail

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) releases the latest numbers for the Producer Price Index (PPI). What does the Producer Price Index tell us and how do investors use the data? [click to continue…]


Weekend Reading 2-16-14 – Taxes, Emerging Markets, Financial Statements and More thumbnail

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past weekend. Topics include taxes, emerging markets, financial statements, lack of accountability in the investment world and more. [click to continue…]


Are Minimum Volatility Funds Living Up To Their Name? thumbnail

Almost 8 months ago we featured minimum volatility ETFs in a Fund Spotlight Series article. Since then, these funds have had their first “test”, how have they performed? [click to continue…]


The Key to Financial Success? Here’s How Millionaires Answer thumbnail

What is the best way to save up $1 million? In this year’s annual Wealth and Values Survey, PNC Wealth Management asks millionaires that same question. Here is how they answered… [click to continue…]


Weekly Reading 1-23-14

Weekly Reading 1-23-14 thumbnail

It is going to be a quiet couple of weeks here on Begin To Invest…. Here is what I am reading this week and a few things to keep you busy while I’m on a break. Topics include: The world economic forum in Davos, Roth IRAs, physics, characteristics of the worst performing index funds and more. [click to continue…]


Historical Asset Allocation Calculator thumbnail

Why is determining an Asset Allocation one of the most important decisions you will make when setting up and maintaining your portfolio? With our new interactive asset allocation calculator, you can find out. See how different allocations to stocks, bonds, REITs and gold would have affected your portfolio over the last 3 decades. [click to continue…]


Expense Ratio Calculator

Expense Ratio Calculator thumbnail

How much will that added expense ratio potentially hurt your investment growth? Find out here with our interactive Expense Ratio Cost Calculator! [click to continue…]


Fund Spotlight Series – Guggenheim’s Equal Weight Index Funds thumbnail

Investors in a simple S&P 500 index fund did tremendously well in 2013, beating a majority of actively managed investment strategies. But there is one strategy that has consistently outperformed a general market weighted S&P 500 index fund over the past few years and has been getting significant press the last few months. What is this strategy and is this strategy for you? [click to continue…]