When I started investing, I was overwhelmed. Where does one even begin to learn about how to invest?


I looked for some people who could help me. And I got a lot of offers.

For only a couple percentage points in fees each year, they would handle my investments for me. Sounded like a good deal, right?



lower manhattan


Recognize this place? Its lower Manhattan. One of the most famous and valuable block of real estate in the world.


And it basically runs on the billions of dollars in fees investors like you and I pay every year.


That 1.5% per year you pay an asset manager? That 1.2% Expense Ratio you pay for that Mutual Fund? More than likely it gets funneled into one of those buildings you see above.


After a little bit of research, the question wasn’t “Who can help me?” anymore, but instead “How do I help myself?”


I didn’t want my money going to lavish New York City offices. I didn’t want my money paying for a fund manager’s high priced sports cars and 50th story penthouse suites. I wanted my money to go to…me!



The average investor today who spends 3 decades saving up $500,000 for retirement will lose over $100,000 over the course of their lifetime from fees.



For $100,000 I decided to teach myself. And this site is a culmination of what I have learned (and what I am still learning) so you can keep that $100,000 for yourself.



I created this site because I want to make investing easy for you.  Through in depth articles, how-to videos and step by step guides I want to help you avoid the mistakes many new investors, myself included, made when they began investing. These mistakes end up costing you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time but can easily be avoided.

Begin to Invest - or you may end up looking like this!

Begin to Invest – or you may end up like this!

Whether you are just starting to invest or are experienced and just looking to improve your returns, Begin To Invest is here to offer a clear and direct path to getting you invested in the stock market wisely. Our articles focus on maximizing returns while saving you time, money and frustration. I truly believe whether you have been in the stock market for decades or days, this website will provide valuable information for you.

Why Begin To Invest?


  • Less than 25% of professional active fund managers have outperformed the stock market over the last 10 years.

That means a simple portfolio of index funds would have beat more than 75% of active managers.

  • From 1998 to 2010, hedge fund managers and their funds earned $440 billion in fees. The investors of their funds earned only $9 billion in investing gains.

That means you are paying for someone’s very expensive New York City rent.


The problem? As an individual investor, very few people are out there are on your side.


  • Financial advisors charge excessive fees to manage your money, only to consistently underperform the market.


  • Brokers push investors to trade actively to generate fees and commissions that fatten their wallets, while only hurting yours.


  • Stock analysts push expensive subscription services, trade against their clients they are supposedly “advising”, and push risky or expensive investments to generate more money….for only themselves.


  • News channels chase momentous stories, inflate bubbles and lead investors down paths involving increased risk and fees while generating lower returns.



The secret to long term success in the stock market will not come from Wall Street. The secrets of a successful investment portfolio are keeping costs as low as possible, learning to diversify risk and a little bit of patience.


Begin To Invest will lead the way, making beginning to invest easy.




Where can you get started? If you are new to BeginToInvest.com, check out our 4 part getting started series.

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So what are you waiting for? Begin To Invest now!


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