2020’s Top 10 Investing Books – From Begin To Invest Readers

While I hope 2021 brings along a lot of improvement, it seems likely we have at least a few months to lay low and hunker down before life returns to normal.

Between New Years resolutions, winter weather, and the coronavirus, there has never been a better time to have a goal of reading more.

If you need helping determining what to read in 2021, here are the most popular books from our readers in 2020. Topics range from stock market history, to financial statement analysis

Top 10 Investing Books for 2020

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2021 IRA, 401k, and Roth IRA contribution limits – Roth IRA eligibility, IRA tax deductions, and more!

With a new year comes new IRS rules. Here’s what has changed for 2021 in regards to how much you can contribute to your IRA, 401k, and Roth IRA – Along with various income restrictions to be eligible.

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What Does it Take to Save 1 Million Dollars?

What does it take to reach a retirement account of $1 million? Here we take a look at how much you would have to save each month, depending on your age, to reach the $1 million milestone. [continue reading…]

2019 IRA, 401k, and Roth IRA contribution limits – Roth IRA eligibility, IRA tax deductions, and more!

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new IRS rules. Here’s what has changed for 2019 in regards to how much you can contribute to your IRA, 401k, and Roth IRA – Along with various income restrictions to be eligible.


2019 ira 401k roth ira limits

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2 New Seeking Alpha Posts – International REITs and a look at a highly leveraged compounder

Lately I have been writing much more for Seeking Alpha while I build up our “This Day in History” archive here on Begin to Invest. (Haven’t seen what we are working on? Here’s today’s post – October 29th – This Day in Stock Market History)


My latest posts are on the topics of international REITs, an asset class that I think has a lot of potential for higher returns in the future, and a post on TransDigm, a much loved stock with an incredible long term record, and why I think the good times for investors may be numbered.

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Synchrony Loses Walmart, Yelp is Undervalued, and Signs of Life for One Microcap Stock – 3 New Seeking Alpha Posts

As the search for investments continues, here’s a few companies that were on my radar this week:

Quick synopsis first, with links to the articles and more details below:

  • Synchrony Financial (Ticker: SYF) – The stock was down 10%+ on news that Walmart’s credit card would soon go through Capital One instead of Synchrony. What does this mean for the company, and is there value in the company’s portfolio besides Walmart?


  • Yelp (Ticker: Yelp) – My wife is an avid Yelp user. In an attempt to channel my inner Peter Lynch, I wanted to take a look at the company that helps us choose where to eat each and every week. I started to look into Yelp’s numbers and something jumped out. Despite being much younger than Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites, Yelp has done a great job monetizing its user base. Can it continue and what is Yelp worth?


  • Strattec (Ticker: STRT) – Shares of this $100 million company has done nothing but fall for three years, but the company’s balance sheet may be showing signs of life. (This was also nominated for Editors Choice for the day!)


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Notable Earnings Announcements This Week – January 22nd

Another earnings season upon us, this week kicks off with more than 100 companies announcing earnings. Here are a few of the results to be announced this week that I’ll be looking at carefully: [continue reading…]

2017 Stock Market Year in Review (and Charts!)

Another year in the books! Here are some of the highlights:

S&P 500 Index Performance in 2017

U.S. stocks outperformed much of the developed world in 2017. I believe it is the 15th best year  in the index’s history when including dividends.

S&P 500 performance (not including dividends) – 17.74%

S&P 500 performance (Including Dividends Re-Invested)- 21.83%

Range of the S&P 500 during the year: Low: 2,245.13, High: 2,694.97


S&P 500 chart in 2017

Top 5 performers in the S&P 500 for 2017:

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Can Coca-Cola Maintain Its Dividend Growth? – New SeekingAlpha Article

Dividend growth investing as been an immensely popular topic over the last couple years. And almost no other stock is in more dividend growth portfolios than Coca-Cola.

For 55 straight years Coca-Cola has raised its dividend, many are expecting #56 to be announced in a few months.

But the world is changing…is Coca-Cola keeping up? [continue reading…]

Let’s Step Back for a Moment…

great depression header

Today marks a notorious day in stock market history. On this day 1932 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 41.22.


What’s so special about that? [continue reading…]

Steve Jobs’ 1997 Shareholder Letter to Pixar Shareholders

This letter was originally our “Read of the Day” for today’s (November 30th) This Day in Stock Market History, but it was too good not to post here as well.

I did not know just how fast of growth Pixar had under Jobs. Just look at this timeline: [continue reading…]

Lunch with Warren Buffett (New Interview)

Buffett sat down with David Rubenstein the other day for a great interview: [continue reading…]

Read of the Year: Buffett and Munger Come Together for Berkshire’s 50th Anniversary Shareholder Letter



The release of Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders is always a special occasion, but this year’s is extra special. 2015 marks the 50th year that Warren Buffett has owned Berkshire Hathaway, and in celebration Buffett and his vice chairman, Charlie Munger got together to make sure this year’s letter was stuffed with nuggets for investors. So without wasting any more time, here is the best investing advice you will ever get: [continue reading…]

Weekend Reading 9-7-14

A month of 80 hour weeks at my real job has made posts on here non-existent. Work remains busy, but hopefully here is to getting back on track.


Lots of amazing posts and research over the past month, here are some of my top reads. Topics include: Determining how long this bull market can last, Asset Allocation and solid blogs to add to your reading list. [continue reading…]

Weekend Reading: 5 Big Retirement Concerns, Failure of the Finance Industry and a (late) Summer Reading List

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past week. Topics include: How the finance industry is failing you, 6 books Bill Gates wants you to read and what the market’s P/E ratio wont tell you. [continue reading…]

Interest Rate Spread – Chart of the Week

Today’s “Chart of the Week” post on our Facebook page was out of a new report by the Richmond Federal Reserve. The chart shows the differences (or spread) in various interest rates since 2009.

Boring right? But you will find data like this updated constantly on sites like Wall Street Journal and large changes in these rates will make front page news. Why? Read on for an explanation and examples. [continue reading…]

Weekend Reading 4-20-14

Here are some articles that caught my attention this weekend. Topics include: Evaluating your investment strategy, investing in low interest rates, hedge fund performance and asset allocation for young investors. [continue reading…]

4-14-14: This Week’s Earnings, Indicators and other Releases

A busy schedule this week. We hear from some of the biggest companies in the world this week and several important economic indicators as well. Here’s whats on tap for this week: [continue reading…]

Weekend Reading 10/7/13

Here are some articles that caught my attention this past weekend. Topics include; Asset Allocation, and doing dumb things with your investments in a government shutdown.

On a side note, after a quiet couple of weeks posting should be back to regular, more frequent intervals at BeginToInvest…Thanks for your patience!

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New Article on SeekingAlpha.com

In addition to articles here, I have also started writing on SeekingAlpha.com. My first article is on selecting small bank stocks. check it out here: [continue reading…]