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Exciting news! In addition to getting our ‘This Day in Stock Market History’ posts on Facebook and Twitter, it is now available as an Amazon flash briefing skill also. Here’s an example of what to expect:

history alexa flash brief


Expect short, 1 to 2 minute briefs on important events that occurred on this day in history. Posts (with more detail, pictures, and places to find additional information) will still be posted daily on the website here, our facebook page, and our twitter feed.


You can enable the flash briefing in your Amazon Alexa app by clicking here

About This Day in History Skill

Why study stock market history? Here is what some of history’s most famous investors and economists had to say:


“Business Schools fail by teaching what is easy to teach but less useful. Going back to teaching business history as Harvard used to would be good; there’s a lot to be learned from the rise and fall of GM, or the rise and fall of railroads.”

-Charlie Munger


“have an adequate idea of stock market history, in terms, particularly, of the major fluctuations. With this background he may be in a position to form some worthwhile judgment of the attractiveness or dangers…of the market.”

– Ben Graham



The only other way (besides visiting countries around the world yourself) to know what is going on is to study history. When I teach or speak at universities, young people always ask me: “I want to be successful and travel around the world; what should I study?”

I always tell them the same thing: “Study history.”

And they always look at me very perplexed and say, “What are you talking about…what about economics, what about marketing?”

If you want to be successful, I always say, You‘ve got to understand history. You will see how the world his always changing. You will see how a lot of the things we see today have happened before. Believe it or not, the stock market didn’t begin the day you graduated from school. The stock market‘s been around for centuries. All markets have. These things have happened before. And will happen again.

-Jim Rogers




“Why are memories so short? Why do such speculative crazes seem so isolated from the lessons of history? I have no apt answer to offer, but I am convinced that Bernard Baruch was correct in suggesting that a study of these events can help equip investors for survival.”

Burton Malkiel


Understanding history is incredibly important in helping you develop as a successful investor. Start your education today with our This Day in Stock Market History resource.



As a reminder, you can enter the month followed by a hyphen and the date to go to any “This Day in History” page. For example:

Or we have a long list of all available stock market history pages available here.


Stay tuned for a giveaway to be set up shortly. We will be giving away an Amazon Echo Dot to a random user who enables the daily flash briefing skill. More info coming in the next couple days, once we make sure the bugs are worked out of the app!



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