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-Estate Planning

How We Work For You

We believe ongoing relationships are the most conducive to accomplishing long-term financial goals and therefore Wealth Management and Financial Planning are our cornerstone offerings. Regardless of how we work with you, we are unwavering in our commitment to the following:

Independent and Fee-Only

We’re not affiliated with a broker or bank, so we’re free to consider the best solutions for your situation, without using the “company products”. As Fee-Only planners, we don’t receive any third-party commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks. We choose the best solutions for you, free from conflicts of interest caused by who’s paying the bill.

Fiduciary Duty to Our Clients

The highest standard of care you can expect from a financial adviser is the fiduciary standard. We are legally bound to place your interests above our own at all times, and we will act with loyalty and care to make sure you receive advice that is as accurate and thorough as possible. If there is any conflict of interest, we will disclose it to you so that you can make the best decision. You need to determine if your adviser or potential adviser will provide fiduciary-level advice to you.


A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is a practitioner who has met the requirements set by the CFP® Board of Standards in education, examination, experience, and ethics. The CFP® is considered the premier designation for financial planners and establishes a baseline of competency for practitioners. Quinn, Jean, and Eric are all CFP® professionals.

Local or Virtual

We are based in the Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA area, but not limited to those cities.  We can take advantage of the latest online tools to meet virtually and develop your plan — no in-person meeting necessary!