What are the assets of a company?



Assets are things that a company owns. Includes cash, product inventory, buildings and  property along with its intangible assets.


Assets of a company can be found on the company’s balance sheet statement located in the 10 – K or 10 –Q filing.

Example below from Intel’s (INTC) 2012 2nd quarter earnings.

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Also see Current Assets, Intangible Assets, and Tangible Assets.


Assets are used for many different valuation metrics such as:


Interpretation of Financial Statements, Defines Assets as:

“What the company owns.

The assets include money the company holds or has invested, money owed to it by others, and the physical properties. Sometimes there also intangible assets, now representing chiefly the price paid for acquisitions above the original cost of the tangible assets bought.”



Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Creating Financial Reports, Defines Assets as:

“Assets are everything you’ve got-cash in the bank, inventory, machines, buildings-all of it.

Assets are also certain “rights”you own that have a monetary value… Like the right to collect cash from customers who owe you money.

Assets are valuable in this value must be quantifiable for an asset to be listed on the balance sheet. Everything in a company’s financial statements must be translated into dollars and cents.”


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