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Quote of the Day

“Let’s say the stock dropped in half or a third. Big Deal. I don’t have a short-term interest in that issue…Besides I have an infinite amount of money. I would still order the same hamburger. Believe me, I’m not thinking about the stock price.”

-Bill Gates in 1991 after an anti-trust probe was announced against Microsoft.

This day in history marks the anniversary of Microsoft becoming a household name in the software industry. On this day in 1983, Windows 1.0 was unveiled. More below:

November 10th – This Day in Stock Market History

November 10th, 1965 – Massive power outage delays NYSE and ASE openings until 11am. Power had been out in New York City since 5:27pm the night before.

New York Times coverage of power outage
New York Times coverage of power outage

November 10th, 1983 – Microsoft introduces windows operating system in New York City.

MSFT windows 1 screenshot

The glamorous product introduction event is common now, most notably from Apple, but at the time Gates’ unveiling of the new software was described as “the most elaborate product introduction ever witnessed” and was unique to the industry.

The original Windows software cost $99 and came with notepad, calendar, clock, cardfile, terminal application, file manager, a game of Reversi, Windows Write, and Windows Paint. It took an average computer of the time 15 seconds to switch between programs, according to a popular science test of the software.

Though Microsoft would hit snags in finishing up development and Windows would not be available for purchase until 1985. It would not be until 1987 that Microsoft would overtake Lotus as the largest software producer. (Microsoft would not be a publicly traded company until March 13th, 1986)

It also had a great showcase video!:

Source: Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire

Best November 10th in Dow Jones Industrial Average History

1932 – Up 6.28%, 3.87 points.

Worst November 10th in Dow Jones Industrial Average History

1925 – Down 3.70%, 5.83 points.

Read of the Day

I really enjoyed James Wallace and Jim Erickson’s biography on Bill Gates, Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire

Best of all, you can usually find a used copy for sale for $0.01 on Amazon!

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