Dividend Investing – How to Determine if Your Stock’s Dividend is Sustainable

A high dividend yield can be a sign of a strong, stable company and investment.  However a large dividend yield may also be a signal of trouble and a hint that the company’s dividend may be unsustainable and cut in the near future.

Thankfully for investors, there are several quick checks you can do based on a company’s financial statements to see how sustainable that dividend really is. [continue reading…]

Fund Spotlight Series: Low Priced, Diversified ETFs for Dividend Reinvestment

In a recent article on Scottrade’s new Flexible Dividend Reinvestment Program (FRIP) – found here  – we talked about how important security selection is in order to reap the benefits of a dividend reinvestment program, particularly for new investors. Today, we highlight some funds that will help new investors make the most out of dividend reinvestment programs.

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Scottrade’s New Dividend Reinvestment Program (Flexible Reinvestment Program)

After Scottrade got out of the commission free / low expense ratio ETF game last August, investors didn’t have much reason to choose Scottrade over other brokers. Last week Scottrade announced a new “Flexible Dividend Reinvestment Program” to get back in the game. Does this new “FRIP” feature put Scottrade back on the radar for new investors looking for a broker?

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Begin To Invest Fund Spotlight Series – Dividend ETFs


Today we take a close look at some of the most popular dividend ETFs to see if they are right for you.

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