Buffett’s 5 Tips for Long Term Investing Success

CNBC had Warren Buffett on this morning (The first business day after his latest Letter to Shareholders), and he did not disappoint. Here was one of my favorite clips I saw:


Warren Buffett’s 5 tips for long term investors (Quotes below):


  1. “What’s going to happen within a day or a week or a month or a year even, I never felt that I knew it and I never felt that it was important.”
  2. “We are a more aggressive buyer when they are going down – I feel much better when they are going down.”
  3. “Every business should be run as efficiently as possible…we buy the ones that are”
  4. “I bought my first stock in April of 1942, I was 11, Pearl Harbor had happened 3 or 4  months earlier – we were losing the war! I mean you want to talk about a bad outlook for the country….”
  5. “The country will grow in value over time, now who gets it, that’s the question.”

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