2018 IRA, ROTH IRA, and 401K Contribution Limits (and Income Limits)

Update: This is an old post featuring the 2018 limits. Need to know the 2019 limits for IRA, Roth IRA, and 401k contributions? See the 2019 post, here.

Good news on the retirement front this year! For the first time in 6 years contribution limits for some retirement accounts are going up! What has changed for 2018 when it comes to your 401(k), IRA, ROTH IRA, and more? Here’s the quick rundown for most savers:

2018 IRA 401K contribution limits

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Weekend Reading 6-15-14

Here are some articles that caught my eye this past weekend. Topics include: How to get 1.3% higher returns on your investments, making mistakes, lower expense ratios (again), and my reaction to Flash Boys. [continue reading…]

Are EE Series Savings Bonds the Best Bond Investment Today?


It turns out you may want to buy more of those colorful pieces of paper your grandma used to give you.

At first glance, it appears EE series savings bonds offer a paltry interest rate rivaled by today’s checking accounts, but they have one special feature, which has been irrelevant until 2009, when interest rates plummeted. Because of this little known feature, these pieces of paper could be your highest yielding bond investment today.

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Repost from WSJ: Go Directly to Success: Monopoly’s Lessons

I really thought this article from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal was great:


Go Directly to Success: Monopoly’s Lessons

In real life, as in the game: Stay diversified, acquire railroads and don’t fall for pricey prestige properties.

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5 Steps that Turn Young Investors into Millionaires

As young investors begin investing it is important they get off on the right track. Picking lousy investments or paying extra taxes really add up over the course of a lifetime.

Here are 5 things you can do to ensure you reach that million dollar mark.

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How Much Do You Have to Save and Invest Each Year to Have a Million Dollars at Retirement? (by age)

How hard is it to become a millionaire? What benefits are there to beginning saving and investing early? Consider the table below.


Assuming you have no savings currently, how much would you have to save each year to get a million dollars by age 65?

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