Weekend Reads – July 23rd 2017

Here are some stories that caught my eye this week:


·       A Dozen Lessons on Investing from Ed Thorp – 25iq:

Thorp’s book,  A Man for All Markets  is out, bringing a ton of attention to, in my opinion, one of the smartest people of all time. After all, who else has conquered Vegas and Wall Street? The book is a must read and one of my favorites so far this year.


·       How to Play Defense with your Portfolio – Wall Street Journal:

3 simple things you can do today to help prepare you for when markets inevitably turn volatile once again.


·       10,000 hours with Claude Shannon – Medium:

Written by the authors of the new biography on Claude Shannon; A Mind at Play. 6 months ago I had never heard of Claude Shannon, but he kept appearing in books I was reading. I am just starting the bio (book review coming soon), but what did the authors learn from studying him as they wrote their book?


·       Betting on Things that Never Change – Collaborative Fund, Morgan Housel.

It is easy to get sucked into investing in the newest, latest and greatest. But sometimes investing in what will last is a much better, and even easier, route.


·       What the Work Habits of Geniuses Can Teach Us – Quora

Written by the author of Mind at Play – a few more observations on how geniuses came about.


·       The Biggest Stocks – A Wealth of Common Sense

Are we in a stock market bubble? I don’t think anyone can say for sure. But what is not unusual about today is the fact that a few large companies make up a very large portion of the stock market. Ben Carlson takes a look.


·       Return on Equity (ROE) Near an All Time Low – Ritholtz

Return on Equity, a measure of how much income companies are making based on their book value, is at an all time low. Is that a sign the market top is near?


·       Also from Ritholtz – How Active is Your Passive?

“Passive” may not mean exactly what you think.

·       Short Selling Levels are at Their Lowest in 4 years – WSJ

Are you a contrarian investor? Then maybe you should think about going short the market.




That’s all I have – What did I miss?

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