2012 Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Returns


The numbers from 2012 are in. How do the returns from Wall Street’s “Best and Brightest” compare to the returns of the major stock indexes?

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Part 1: Why You Should Begin Investing in the Stock Market, Now

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Part 2: A Comparison of Investment Account Types

Where do you invest your money once you have decided to save and invest?

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Part 3: Selecting and Using a Stock Broker

In order to buy a stock, bond or any other type of security (see below), you need a stock broker. A stock broker has access into the stock exchanges where stocks are bought and sold and matches your order (as a buyer or seller) with another investor’s order (who is in turn selling or buying). Once you open up an account such as a Roth IRA, traditional IRA, 401k, etc. (see our previous article on account types) and deposit money into your account you can start investing your money by purchasing different securities.

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Part 4: Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy

This is part 4 in our “Getting Started Series”. Part 1 on an introduction to investing can be found here , Part 2 on investment account types can be found here and Part 3 on security types and brokers can be found here.


What is Asset Allocation and Why is it Important?


Asset allocation describes how an investor splits up the money in their investment portfolio into certain asset types such as stocks, bonds and cash.

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Welcome to Begin To Invest

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