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Why is investing important? Why is it important to learn how to manage your own investments? How can BegintoInvest.com help you?

I started Begin To Invest .com in order to help new investors. Because, in a day where thousands of players are fighting to profit off of your retirement savings, its hard to know who to trust.

Without the right knowledge, beginning to manage your retirement portfolio can be a daunting task. And because of that, many people choose to pay someone else to so it for them.

But, the truth is, deciding to have someone help you manage your investments can be a costly decision.

An investor today who pays the average fee for an asset manager (1.10%) and is invested in the average mutual fund (which has a 0.79% expense ratio) will lose over $100,000 due to fees over the course of their life. On top of that, Wall Street’s “Professionals” have a terrible track record for responsibly investing your savings.

This is why learning to manage your own investments is so important.

Today, it is estimated that a 25 year old will need to accumulate about $2 million in assets (adjusted for inflation) to retire comfortably 40 years from now. Putting a few hundred a month into your banks savings account is just not going to do the trick. You need to start investing early so your money can grow and compound, and that is what investing in the stock market offers.

This is why I created begintoinvest.com, so you will be able to confidently manage your investments yourself, and save a ton of time and money.

There are vast resources here on begintoinvest.com for investors of any experience level; From our vast list of Definitions, to our video guides to our most recent posts, Begin To Invest is here to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Begin To Invest now!

Where is the best place to get started? Check out our 4 part getting started series here.

Or, simply check out our homepage for the latest news.

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