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In addition to articles here, I have also started writing on My first article is on selecting small bank stocks. check it out here:




The article discusses things to consider before investing in small banks. Due to agreements with Seeking Alpha, I cant post the whole thing here, but here is the introduction:



“One of the most discussed and successful bank investments in recent history is Warren Buffett’s stake in Wells Fargo (WFC). Buffett initially started investing in Wells Fargo in 1989, and now a couple of decades later it has become his largest holding, valued at more than $19 billion (according to Berkshire’s 13-F filing). At the time of Buffett’s first purchase, Wells Fargo had just a $56 million in assets and was not much more than a well run community bank. However Buffett spotted the good management and great fundamentals and bought. 20 years later we can see the investment has been one of his most successful ever.

Just what are the characteristics that make a small bank so great, so that it has a potential to become one of your best investments?”


Check out the rest of the article here:

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