4-14-14: This Week’s Earnings, Indicators and other Releases

A busy schedule this week. We hear from some of the biggest companies in the world this week and several important economic indicators as well. Here’s whats on tap for this week: [continue reading…]

Indicator of the Week: Producer Price Index

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) releases the latest numbers for the Producer Price Index (PPI). What does the Producer Price Index tell us and how do investors use the data? [continue reading…]

Indicator of the Week: ISM Non-Manufacturing Survey


The ISM Non-Manufacturing Survey (also known as the Institute for Supply Management Services index) is a monthly release that shows the growth or decline of the U.S Service industry.


In our “indicator of the week series”, we highlight a specific set of economic data widely seen as a barometer of U.S. corporate health and dissect it so that you can understand and hopefully use it to improve investment returns. Where is this information found? What does the information mean? How can investors use it to help them invest? Read on to find out!