4-14-14: This Week’s Earnings, Indicators and other Releases

A busy schedule this week. We hear from some of the biggest companies in the world this week and several important economic indicators as well. Here’s whats on tap for this week:




One of the largest banks in the world, how Citigroup is doing has a huge impact on the market. I have no direct investment in any of these large banks, but I consider their earnings similar to an economic indicator as they are such a huge part of the nation’s economy.  With bank earnings I like to watch lending levels, effects interest rates are having on the bank’s operations, Return on Asset (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE) levels to name a few.




Intel is one of the largest tech names out there. What they say on PC and chip sales says a lot about the economy as a whole. I have a direct investment in Intel, so I’m looking for a few things specifically: Dividend news – they have failed to increase their dividend the past few quarters after a long stretch of consistent dividend growth. Mobile Business – Intel has been slightly behind the curve on getting into phones and tablets. Obviously a big key to their continued market dominance is getting into this market.

I have no direct investment in CSX, but I still  like paying attention to large transport companies like CSX. Old fashioned as it may be, the railroads are still the backbone of cargo transport in the U.S. I like to look at standard traffic numbers and outlook forecasts by management. For another take, Cullen Roche usually covers rail traffic as a whole regularly on his (Excellent) website Pragmatic Capitalism.

One of the most iconic American companies, Coca-Cola is one of Buffett’s largest holdings. I have no direct investment in Coca-Cola, but am still interested to see how they are weathering American’s weening themselves from sugary sodas. The stock has been underperforming for a little while, if we continue to see general weakness in the market I am eying this one.

I have no direct investment in Charles Schwab, but I like to pay attention to earnings of these big brokers to get insights on what retail investors are doing. Investors have continued to be shy of stocks, but signs show that may be changing. Curious to see management’s thoughts on the retail investor’s train of thought.



Consumer Price Index (CPI) – The consumer price index is one of the tell tale signs of prices that American consumers are seeing. We are still seeing slow growth in general, but last week’s Producer Price Index (PPI) showed a relatively decent gain, now we see if companies are passing those price increases onto consumers successfully.




Another Buffett holding. American Express is a big player in retail and corporate spending. I am watching this for any insights on spending habits on the retail or small business side.

Both of these names I have no direct investment in, but it doesn’t matter. 2 of the largest names in technology deserve some attention.




For the same reason I like to pay attention to Intel, Google and IBM. AMD management has some great insight into the state of the consumer and state of the old fashioned PC market.

General Electric is involved in so much of the world economy it is incredible, from banking to jet airplanes, very few companies have the insight into the world economy as GE.

For the same reason I watch Coca-Cola I watch Pepsi. One of the world’s largest food and beverage provider, I’m keeping up to date on trends and spending of consumers around the world.




That’s the big news for this week, keep a look out for Friday when we take a look at the results of all these releases.

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