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Thorton O’Glove – Talks at Google

Mr. O’Glove is the author of one of my favorite fundamental analysis investing books: Quality of Earnings

This talk only begins to touch on the topics covered in his book. If you find any of his talking points interesting, read the book for much more details and insights.

He is known for is in depth analysis of company financial statements. He was the author of the ‘Quality of Earnings Report’, a newsletter focused on identifying financial discrepancies, primarily for institutional investors. He published the Quality of Earnings book in the mid 80s. It may be old, but it is still one of the most useful for education investors on reading a company’s financial statement.

I can’t say I agree with everything he says in this talk (specifically that Buffett should break up Berkshire Hathaway, inflation comments, deficit speak, etc.), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t provide a ton of value in his talk.

O’Glove’s book was also the inspiration for our post:

How to Analyze a Company by Its Inventory

OGlove rambles a lot in this talk. But I pulled out a few of the points that I found valuable.

O’Glove gives a few main points for how to sniff out what he calls “aggressive accounting” and possible signs of future trouble:



He also has comments on the P/E Ratio, Berkshire Hathaway (and why it should split up), short term vs. long term investing, specific accounting topics (for example, a small tech company capitalizing software), ETFs vs individual stocks, and more.



You can watch O’Glove’s talk at Google below. It is from 2016, but is as valuable today as ever.

I would recommend fast forwarding to 15 minutes in to avoid some rambling. I’ll be the first to admit O’Glove seems to jump around a lot… But buried in this video are some great nuggets of wisdom.


Looking for more? Here is another Talk at Google I really enjoyed:


“Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution At The Speed Of Thought” By Andrew Lo

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